Ultimate exposure Real Estate Photography

We take great pride in what we do, and through a lot of encouragement from realtors, a company was created.

At Ultimate Exposure, our goal is to create the best images of your property, to encourage more views, better exposure. Photos to show the viewer not only the beauty of the home, but show the viewer the flow. Great pictures can show the floor plan without any video or 360 degree tour. Composition is the most important element in producing excellent photos, and we genuinely want you and your clients to be delighted with your photos.

Our Promise

Our belief is that great photos help immensely In getting more views, encouraging more potential buyers to view the listing in person. We genuinely want you to have a quick sale, and do well in this business. So it’s our promise to you that we will do our best to ensure that we give you the best photos possible, each and every time we photograph for you.


The Visionary

Sally’s interest in architecture began at a very early age, when she would spend countless hours drawing castles and landscapes. As a young adult, she took up photography because she couldn’t draw as perfectly as she saw them. For years her focus was on people and landscapes, which allowed her to be a paid photographer.

Ten years ago an opportunity came along to learn from and work for a leader in real estate photography in Southern Ontario, and she has been doing real estate photography ever since.  As an artist first, she treats every photo like an empty canvas, and believes that composition is key to that perfect shot. Years of experience, and her love of what she does, shows in her photos. Her photos have been featured In real estate magazines in both Ontario and British Columbia.


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