Ideally, it should only take about 45 minute’s tops to shoot a 1500 square foot home, for example.  But it depends on the size of the home, and if the home is photo ready.  

To make it simple, make your home/listing look like no one lives there. “Less is best” is what we always like to say. Simply removing magnets from refrigerators can make a kitchen look bigger, as it doesn’t look so cluttered. Clearing off kitchen and bathroom countertops looks much better, even removing little things like garbage cans and Kleenex boxes can ‘open up’ a room, and really make a difference to a shot.

Due to Covid 19, we’ve changed our prices up. REW is now allowing up to 40 images, so we can go by square footage, or if you want 40 photos for a 1200 sqft condo, then we will give you 40 creative, non repetitive photos.

According to the Canadian Copyright laws, the photographer (Ultimate Exposure) owns the photos. The client/realtor is obtaining a service to use the images for marketing the specific property for sale.

Depending on which package you choose, you will receive anywhere from 20 to 45 HDR edited images by the next day after 2pm, via Dropbox or Google. Videos take 2 days to process are arrive through Vimeo.

We only charge for distances that are over an hour’s drive (over 30 kms), without traffic.

$50.00 Fee applies for cancellation with less that 24 hours’ notice.

Payment is due at time of service by credit card. 

Finished edited photos delivered next day by 4pm via Dropbox or Google Drive. 
Videos take 2 days and delivered through  Vimeo
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